Let’s Talk Shoppe

Our reverse agency tour was a great success! Rob McCarty, Natalie Topalian, and Zach Guy displayed industry life right from our very classroom seats! From giving a peek into their development process to explaining responsibilities of their position, their "tour" was a welcomed and distinct glimpse inside agency life in Grand Rapids. The discussion brought... Continue Reading →

Rivka Kawano: A Social Media Superhero

By Alex Knaisel If you’re a college student reading this, then you’ve probably heard your professors call your generation the tech savvy, technologically literate, or social media trendsetters. Before you get too cocky, we’ve met someone who knows a thing or two about making that same social media work for businesses and the real world... Continue Reading →

Choosing Advertising – Part 3

By Rachel Britton I went from a photography to a statistics to a mathematics major all in the course of two years. Even after I switched to a math major, I continued to take photography classes because I was still extremely interested in the subject. Luckily, I was hired at the Laker Store at the... Continue Reading →

Choosing Advertising – Part 2

By Danielle Talbot At the young age of eighteen, I thought I had a major part of my life figured out. I am a planner, always have been, so having my future career planned out before I even graduated high school felt like a major accomplishment. While all my friends stressed over picking a major,... Continue Reading →

Choosing Advertising – Part 1

By Jordan Gettel It is estimated that we are exposed to over 5,000 ads on a daily basis. 5,000 times for a person's thoughts, lifestyle, and choices to be persuaded. If advertising agencies and corporations have that power of persuasion, then why are they not seen as a more serious career path? Those in the... Continue Reading →

Preventing Chaotic Group Projects

By Courtney Lang “This project will be done in groups of three to four people…” Hearing a teacher say that your next project will be done in groups can either be a sense of joy or the feeling that the world is about to collapse from underneath you. Learning how to deal with tough predicaments within groups is... Continue Reading →

Getting Started with a Blog

By Michelle Marinos When you think of bloggers what comes to mind? Food lovers sharing some of their favorite recipes? Mommy bloggers talking about how cute their kids are? Your typical college student posting pictures from their most recent coffee shop visit (Yes, I have done this one myself, and I may or may not... Continue Reading →

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