The Top 5 Must Read Advertising Books

By Tomas Crawford The advertising industry has been around for over a century and the future looks promising. Ads surround us every day from the moment we wake up to the second we go to sleep. With so much information available and stories to tell, the books about advertising are endless. This probes the question... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons You Should Apply to be on Advertising Club’s Executive Board

By Mari Behovitz With Advertising Club elections fast approaching, there is no better time to share with you some insights on how valuable being on the executive board can be. Check out our Ad Club page on Orgsync for detailed descriptions on each position. Take those into consideration as you read on. Here are the... Continue Reading →

Gaining Experience: Mari’s Style

By Mari Behovitz “Freshman year I was intimidated, shy, and had absolutely no clue which direction I wanted to go into within the Advertising and Public Relations field. I was completely lost on how I should approach getting a job within the industry. If any of you feel like this now, don’t worry, there is... Continue Reading →

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