Dan Drullinger: A Strategic Mind

By Courtney Lang When there's an advertising professional stuck in Texas and we’re in Michigan, the only way to handle it is by utilizing technology. For the first time, EVER, Grand Valley’s Advertising Club had a skype call instead of an in-person visit. That’s right, Senior Strategist Dan Drullinger just made history. We weren’t going to... Continue Reading →

Inside the Internship: Summer at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts

By Rachael Vruggink You don’t know what busy is until you accept an internship with an organization that does most of its programming in the summer. But, when technically the organization you’re interning with is a full-blown art center AND a theatre company, you’ve met a whole new kind of crazy. Rewind for a second with... Continue Reading →

Still Looking for a Summer Internship?

By Courtney Lang If you're still looking for a summer internship, we got you covered! Here are three internships that are still available for you to snatch up: Marketing Intern—Earth’s Edge Earth’s Edge (EE) is looking for a Marketing Intern for this summer and you may be perfect for it. Although this internship is unpaid, the... Continue Reading →

Adfed & Addys

By Ben Kaluski What is AAFWMI aka the Adfed? It’s a local club in West Michigan to support everything the advertising industry has to offer. The Adfed puts it best, “In other words, if you’re in advertising, we’re your people. We have the same goals professional growth, creative integrity, and industry vitality and our community... Continue Reading →

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