Third Stop: Haworth

By Courtney Lang Our last, and by far our largest, agency tour was Haworth. They are a global company that designs and manufactures furniture. As of today, they have 23 manufacturing plants in 8 different countries. Here’s how our tour of Haworth panned out: The Environment As soon as we walked in, we were all... Continue Reading →

Second Stop: Fairly Painless Advertising

By Courtney Lang Our second stop of the day was at Fairly Painless Advertising, which was just down the street from Next Creative Co. The overall learning experience we gained from this tour was a lot different than the other ones, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Here's what happened: The Environment When we walked into the room,... Continue Reading →

First Stop: Next Creative Co.

By Courtney Lang We warned you that it would get real, real fast. Advertising Club went all out when we teamed up with Grand Valley’s PRSSA for a night to remember. Starting at 10:30 AM and ending at 4:30 PM, both clubs were able to tour three agencies in Holland, MI: Next Creative Co., Fairly... Continue Reading →

Gaining Experience: Mari’s Style

By Mari Behovitz “Freshman year I was intimidated, shy, and had absolutely no clue which direction I wanted to go into within the Advertising and Public Relations field. I was completely lost on how I should approach getting a job within the industry. If any of you feel like this now, don’t worry, there is... Continue Reading →

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